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Broad interest made me learning and researching very different topics. This variety of skills comes handy especially in startups.


I love exciting projects. Tell me about your goals and I tell you how we could we could achieve it.


A great plan leads to a great success of your project.


Out of the box thinker, strategist and always looking for something new. My interdisciplinary skills help you to accomplish your goals.



Information or Interaction?

While a Website focuses on information a web application focuses on human interaction. Still both have similar approaches.


You have a fresh company which needs a presentation on the web? Let's get together and figure out what content would take you to the next step.


My experience with Software Engineering makes my approach very unique. I can communicate with UML diagrams which developers will understand from the beginning.

The approach

The user-centered design comes with five steps:

  1. Product Objectives and User Needs
  2. Functional Specifications and Content Requirements
  3. Interaction Design and Information Architecture
  4. Interface, Navigation and Information Design
  5. Sensory Design
Step by step we will go through them during the project.

Big World of Graphics

As a state-proofed certified graphic designer with 10 years of experience I offer a broad range of graphical services.

Logo and Branding

You have a startup, product or a service and you need a logo? Contact me for your very individual logo-design that fits to your needs.

If you don't have an idea yet, no problem. I have developed an approach that helps us to find your personal and unique logo.

A logo usually is developed from a corporate identity. If your company doesn't have it yet, I can help you develop a very first one that you can develop later as the company grows. From a corporate identity I develop a corporate design. Both documents' purposes are for your employees and partners who will follow the guidelines of the two documents.


Many companies need a graphic designer assisting their marketing team in creating graphics for their marketing strategies. I have collected many years of experience in that area, especially for online and social media marketing. But I do know that people love stickers and other print materials too.

Also you can add me to the team developing the marketing strategies. I am happy to help out with my ideas as well as with idea strategies and exercises.


This is one of my secret passions. As a millenial I started with Anime and Manga of course, but with the guidance of masters like Ludvik Glazer-Naudé and other artists I have developed the ability to create a various set of styles. It helps creating unique logos and interfaces for the entertainment industry.


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