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Hi, I am Birgit.

I am a passionate software developer for many years. I started building websites in my teenage years.

My first profession is graphic design in which I collected many years of professional experience. Later I switched the profession smoothly to computer science and since then I became a frontend-, visual-, product- and usability-expert.

My biggest projects were about corporate- and product identity. An interesting topic which quickly extended into design-systems and whitelabel solutions.

Along my career I have been working with companies in all sizes and I am grateful for the very diverse experience. Most of the time I worked in startup environments which helps bigger companies to create new innovations.

As a curious person I am fortunate to work in a field which offers a great amound of knowledge to gather. New knowledge helps to create new innovations and I like to combine topics as well.

I am a fan of new work, its leadership and inspiration for my colleagues and teams. You will eventually see that I try to improve motivation instead of team performance. You can write me if you like to discuss the Why. :-)


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